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「the wind blows down the road that leads to the harbor...」

««the Ʀhythm»»
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about me;
→ 20. Female. Crystal. INFJ.
→ Loves to make people laugh & talks a lot.
→ 4th year psychology major @ University of Louisville. Aspirations to earn Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Graduate school is terrifying her currently.
→ Currently working a part-time job @ Wally World.
→ Hyde & Heechul
→ Music interests can be found at her last.fm (see link below); TV is limited mostly to just: Supernatural, True Blood, Mythbusters, The Daily Show, The Big Bang Theory, & Bones.

about this journal;
→ Mostly real life talk; so lots of college & family life is mentioned. Some fandom is mingled in.
→ All the nasty types of -isms and phobias are no tolerated.
→ Not to be taken too terribly seriously all the time.
→ Currently adding; must COMMENT to be added.

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