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I have to share this utterly creepy, horrific story that literally left my face in the same expression for a few minutes. Some of it is a bit old news but I shall recap regardless.

Cartpusher named P was really annoying from day one when I met him. When he wasn't trying to show/tell me how to do (or just simply doing) my job for me, he was often blatantly trying to hit on me. P always tried to seem so tough and bragged about himself constantly. If he wasn't making up stories about his volunteer firefighting or how he supposedly told managers/bosses where they can stick it, he was often talking about how supposedly manhandled his wife quite often. (And yes, while hitting on me and everyone else with a vagina, he carried on about how he & his wife supposedly have no relationship anymore.) P is also a blatant racist with the way he talks about minorities as well as quite the homophobe by the way he talks about more effeminate men or even men who are a little more in-tune with their feelings than what would be deemed "masculine." Nevermind he also thinks education is a waste of time because he'd honestly be too stupid to survive it. He also had a creepy habit of following me out to my car to talk as well as one time making himself very known to my father. He didn't really back off and leave me alone honestly until Alex & I started dating and so very glad for that given the news I was told about tonight by a cashier named T.

Now, I've heard some things from another cashier (E) about some of the things this guy does. He runs his mouth and spreads everybody's business to everyone as she learned when she was injured at work. People E didn't even know in the store knew what happened with her because he told everyone and their mom. He also made a ton of people think that she was a huge slut after he transferred into shipping & receiving--mostly because she has a preference for black men, is half-Puerto Rican, and (most importantly) doesn't want P's dick at all. T, however, suffered the worst of it.

Not only did P give the same talks the way he did to E and myself and not only also look at her in that really "omg you're totally picturing me naked" way every time he walked past her, but the dude seriously sent her a nasty-ass picture of his lower half. Now, to be totally shallow, P is nothing to look at. His hygiene is questionable, he's easily very obese, and his mug is just horrendous. Just no. No. Well, he asked her if she got the picture and, not wanting to encourage it, she said she had no idea what he was talking about. In the meantime, T talked to our employer and they said because it didn't happen on company time/property, there's nothing they can do about it. Way to go, work. Woo! Anyways, P sends T the picture again because she pretended not to know what he talks about.

I find it bad enough that he sent that not once but twice but when he asked her if she got it, she had no idea other than to say that she did. He then tells her, and T was quoting him, "I was hoping you'd send one back."

I am so glad he quit and that he started to leave me alone even before then. What the actual fuck?
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